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Abenaki, better known to others as the Abenaki tribe, is a civilization in Age of History II. It appears in 3 of the base game scenarios.



During thousands of years, Abenaki (and most other American tribes) lived in the American continent and didn't do much other than fighting and very slowly developing. Its capital is Houlton and its ideology is Tribal in this scenario. Here, it is ranked 244th


As mentioned above, the Abenaki lived in America for thousands of years. It has the same capital and ideology as the 5 scenario. Here it is ranked 331th.


Again, until colonization, all of the American tribes lived in hunting and warfare. This is the last main game scenario that includes America before colonization, and thus includes this tribe. It, like the other previous scenarios, has the same capital and ideology. Here, it is ranked 490th


  • The Abenaki people today still live in Maine, the state that houses the province that the Abenaki civilization is in for all 3 scenarios.