Age of Civilizations Wiki

Armies are an essential gameplay mechanic in Age of Civilizations 2 and its predecessor. Armies are numbers that will appear on each province, representing how many armies are in there. Armies can be recruited for 5 times the amount of army units being recruited, unless the player has built an armoury in the province, which halves the cost, and will appear next turn, and cost Movement Points. Armies can also be conscripted, which doubles the cost but makes them immediately available to action and disbanded, which both cost movement points. Armies cost [Insert Number] gold per turn. When the player is at war with another civilisation, a battle interface will be displayed when armies meet, in the same province. Each province has a defence bonus, and the army with the better odds will win and the opposing army will be destroyed, unless circumstances destroy both armies.

Military upkeep, or the price per turn to maintain your armies, can be lowered in a few ways. One of them, the easiest, is to disband any unneccecary armies. Another idea is to group small groups of soldiers together in one province than multiple provinces, to lower burden on an unnececary amount of provinces (suggested is the capitol or border). the 3rd one is to make sure provinces holding soldiers are well developed, which lowers costs. Try to make supply camps and fortress's on provinces with a permanant soldier precence, they lower costs dramatically, no joke. And finally, try not to move soldiers around too much. With each time in a province, defense points increase (a red sheild on the corner of a province tab). Defense points will peak at 50 points (at 50 turns). Defense points increase defensive power (lowers the casualities if the province gets attacked) and maintanance costs. Then you can use technology points to lower soldier upkeep.

You can see how many possible soldiers you can get in the recruitable population map mode. You can recruit somewhere inbetween 1/10th to 1/5th of your population. The population decreases when you higher soldiers, and vice versa when you disband them. A prefered amount of soldiers is 10k for every 100k population. Once you can afford major military recruitment, try to ramp up all bordering border soldiers to 10k each (not too hard, plus garuntees no small nation is going to get through). If you have allies, you could even put soldiers on the alliance border to defend you and your allies.

Strategy and Tips[]

  • 2 armies with about the same number of troops will likely cause a defender victory.
  • AI players tend to split their armies until there are a few hundred troops, and sometimes under 100 troops, to conquer territory. The best way to counter this is to get armies with a few thousand troops (2000-10000 depending on the amount of enemy forces) and steamroll them.
  • Before hitting Next turn make sure to check your armies to see if they are all doing the correct movement.
  • Place Armies at the border to defend better against attacks.
  • Before declaring war mount up troops on your enemy's and their Allies' border for a quick offensive.
  • There are 2 buttons to move armies, 'Move to' and 'Move'. Use 'Move to' to automatically find a route to the target province (note that the route might not be desirable for use).
  • When defending provinces that don't have Castles or Fortresses, it is recommended to hold out on whatever border you're defending until you have the aforementioned buildings set up. This can ensure that, with troops, you can stay defended.
  • Disband armies you don't need to lower army costs.
  • Provinces with armies in them will have stability rise without assimilating.
  • If you want to make the enemy nation suffer after a non annexation war, you could plunder all of their provinces to scraps, resulting in a very dead population, horribly broke economy, and stabilization goes down. If you want to take it to another level, you could destroy any provinces buildings (press more on an occupied province, and press the X that is located next to the building). You garuntee that the nation will be broke and wont ever be that big of a threat for a long while.
  • When battling an enemy too big or a war you dont want to fight, as long as they arent in your direct borders, you can sign peace with them immediatly. This doesnt work sometimes, so you could pay 1 gold to your neighbors to attack with you. They will agree no matter what (glitch feature)
  • The capitol army is what you must always be ready for. You must expect a minimum of 2-3 folds of the border soldiers to be at the capitol (or coming from the capitol).
  • Use conscripts as a last ditch resort. They are expensive.
  • If you are in another nations province, if they are in war, and the province your soldiers where in gets occupied by enemy forces, you will immediatly be at war
  • War wearness must always be concidered, you may like going on a world conquest for 100+ years, but your citizens will loose favour of the war, lower in happiness, and loose stability, and civil wars and rebellions will happen. Try to keep war weariness below 60%.
  • Employing soldiers lowers unemployment
  • you have to get 100% stability to be able to hire the max potential of soldiers possible for a province.
  • incase you losing a war, you can go into the peace negotians tab and tap on enemy claimed territories til they are yours or neutral.
  • If you want to make the game 10 times harder, you can change difficulty to Legendary, and also something that many people dont know, is that you can completely remove military upkeep from the game, so you can build infinite armies, with enough money, population and preparations! The game gets more realistic this way, as now puppets can actually help by building a huge army, while you are focusing on economy, and this also makes you strategically think and be much more diplomatic, as now, you need to run away from any unnecessary war, as it could eat away your huge army with a small nation, and then you can get a coalition agains't you and immediately die