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Bohemia, officially the Kingdom of Bohemia is a Civilization that appears in the 1200 and 1444 Scenarios



Bohemia starts as rank 50 in 1200. They start with 12 provinces, with hills in the Sudetenland, Forest in the Center, and hills in the East. They Border the Smaller Nations of Silesia, Bamberg, Meissen and Racibórz, the same-sized nations of Bavaria, Cracow and Austria, and the Large Nation Hungary. They Start with Wenceslaus II (+1% Population Growth and Income Production, +2% Economic Growth and +3% Movement Points), technology level 0.35, Happiness and Stability at default, Average Dev 0.12, and Prague is the province with the Highest Factors.


The territories of Dresden and Cottbus have been acquired. They are now an Elector of the Holy Roman Empire. They have the new neighbors of Saxony, Brandenburg, The Palatinate and Würzburg, as well as their Vassla Silesia. They have the same stats, and a new Leader: Charles IV (+1% Administration, -1% Military Upkeep, +2% Population Growth, +3% Economic Growth and +4% Research). Here, there is unrest in Moravia and Lusatia


They Can Form Moravia, along with the Czech Republic.