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Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil is a civilization present in 3 scenarios. They border a few smaller neighbors, but they also border large competitors such as Argentina or Peru-Bolivia. Accompanied with that, they have very little development.



Brazil starts off as a Monarchy, and enemies with the Riograndese Republic. They Start with a vast amount of Provinces, 123, with Jungle being the most common, a good chunk of Plains in the north, drylands at the easternmost point, and Marsh, savvanah and hills to the south. To the South, their small enemy, the Riograndese Republic, the nation of Paraguay, and Argentina (through a small corridor) border them. To the west they are flanked by giant Peru-Bolivia , as well as the smaller nations of Ecuador and New Granada. To the north, Venezuela and the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands are present. They start with Pedro II (Administration and Military Upkeep -2%, +2% population growth, research and movement points, and Economic Growth +3%), Technology level is 0.32 Happiness 75%, Stability at 100%, Average Development 0.04,


Brasil now turns into a democracy, and capital is changed from Rio do Janeiro to Brasilia. They have 142 provinces now (Acre), gaining more hills and jungle. Their bordering nations are the same except for the fact that they don't border Ecuador anymore, they now have Uruguay as a neighbor, and Peru and Bolivia are now indepdent. They start with Getulio Vargas (+1% Economic and Population Growth), Technology Level 0.42, happiness and stability at default, and average development 0.09.

Modern World[]

Brazil's government here changed from a democracy to a republic. Their number of provinces are the same, and their neighbors are also the Same like WWII. They start with Michael Temer (+1% Pop Growth and +2% Economic Growth), Tech Level 0.4, Happiness and Stability at default, and they have a low, low average development of 0.07.


Kingdom of Brazil[]

The Kingdom of Brazil can be formed by the Empire of Brazil, Modern Brazil, Dutch Brazil and WWII Brazil. The 20th century brazils just need Uruguay, but the Empire needs to reconquer the Riograndese as well as the Urugayans, and they need 3 provinces from New Granada.

Empire of Brazil[]

The Empire, strangely, can only be formed by WWII Brazil. They have most of the provinces needed to form the Empire, except for Uruguay.

Both formables have Rio de Janeiro as their capitals.