Buildings Edit

Buildings are an advantage because it allows improving certain disadvantages of terrain (for example), which helps to increase production, defense, supply limits, et cetera...

Types of buildings Edit

There are quite a few buildings, these are all of them:

  • Fortress
  • Watch tower
  • Port
  • Library
  • Farm
  • Workshop
  • Supply camp

Advantages and conditions Edit

Fortress* Edit

  • Hide the army from the sight of view of the watch tower
  • Movement points :1.4 ->
  • Defence bonus: +10%
  • Time construction: 3 turns
  • Required technology level:0.5

Watch tower Edit

  • Allow to see the army in the neighboiring provinces
  • Bonus defence:+3%
  • Time construction:1 turn

Port Edit

  • Allow your army to go to the sea
  • Income production:+2%
  • Time constuction:1 turn

Library* Edit

  • +1 science researsh per turn for every 750 people in a province

Farm* Edit

  • Time construcion:1 turn

Workshop* Edit

Supply camp Edit

* These buildings have levels

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