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Circassia was a historical region and/or country located in the Caucasus, on the northeastern side of the Black Sea.

In Age of History 2, Circassia is a nation that, as mentioned, is found on the Caucasus.

Scenarios found in[]

Earth map[]

  • 1200 - Circassia owns 6 provinces, defaults to 0.38 technology level, 75% happiness, and has capital as Sochi.
  • 1440 - This time around, Circassia has gotten larger. They now own 12 provinces, 0.44 tech level, and remain at 75% happiness. Capital is still Sochi.
  • Napoleonic Wars - Circassia gets smaller, going back to 6 provinces. They also are at 0.45 tech level (the default) and are still at 75% happiness.


Note that due to the Europe map generally covering more provinces in its respective continent than Earth, province values may differ a tad. This also applies to other maps like Asia.

  • 1440 - Circassia has 15 provinces, 0.44 tech level (again), and are still at 75% happiness.
  • Napoleonic Wars - Just like with Earth, Circassia has the same attributes here as it does there.


  • 1200 - Circassia has 7 provinces, 0.45 tech level, and 75% happiness, just like it always has.
  • 1440 - Circassia is at its finest, having 17 provinces, 0.45 tech level, and 75% happiness.


Thanks to its geographic placement relative to its neighboring countries and ease of playability with it, Circassia is a good pick for new players, but somewhat underused. It can easily subdue the smaller nations around it, like the Imereti, Georgia, and Gazikumukh. It can even pick a fight with the larger Crimea, thanks to its access to the Black Sea allowing it to attack their capital via sea while hassling them on land.