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Development is a gameplay mechanic in Age of Civilizations 2. Each province has its own development level. Development ranges from 0.01 to 2.0. For example, the development level of Constantinople in the 1440 scenario is 0.58, while the development of London in that same scenario is 0.08. The economy level of a province can be increased by manually investing gold and spending Movement Points, or by the Economy Interface by increasing the investments slider, spending more money to increase economy, each turn by a bit. However, if development is at or past 1.0, it will only be increased manually thereafter. If one lowers the investments bar lower than that of a certain level, development level decreases, much like how Population decreases with the goods bar.


  • Diseases are effected by development, making them spread slower and kill less in more developed provinces.
  • The Development of a province is limited to the owners tech level