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The list of Diplomatic Actions is a gameplay mechanic in Age of History 2 that shows the country's actions and decisions that the player can enact.

Diplomatic actions cost Diplomacy Points.

Diplomatic Actions and Decisions:

  • Declare War
  • Peace Negotiations (when you are in a war)
  • Form Alliance: Form an alliance with the target country. The chance of success depends on the diplomatic relationship between the two civilizations, the diplomatic relationships between targeted civilization with the allies already joined the alliance, and more
  • Sign Non-Aggression Pact: Sign a pact of non-aggression with the target civilization.
  • Trade Request: Request a trade agreement with the targeted civilization.
  • Form Union: Request a union of the target nation and yours.
  • Improve Relations: Improve the targeted cvilization's opinion of you.
  • Send Insult: Insult targeted civilization.
  • Offer Vassalization: Offer the targeted civilization to be your vassal (puppet nation).
  • Liberate a Vassal: Allow a vassal to be free.
  • Form Defensive Pact:
  • Request a defensive pact which, if the targeted civilization accepts, they will help you in any wars declared on you.
  • Proclaim Independence: As a vassal, proclaim independence
  • Support Rebels: Support rebel groups in other countries
  • Ask for Military Access: Request permission from another country to move troops through their territory
  • Give Military Access: Allow another country to move troops through your territory
  • Send Gift: Send gold to the nation
  • Assimilate Provinces: You can use 0.6 diplomatic points to assimilate a province, this will turn the foreign population into yours, also letting you recruit more troops.