Age of Civilizations Wiki

By selecting any civilization's provinces and then, in the bottom left corner, clicking their name, a menu containing Diplomatic Actions will open up. Diplomatic Actions allow the player to interact with the civilization in a handful of ways that can easily alter that civilization's perspective of things.

Diplomatic actions cost Diplomacy Points.

Diplomatic Actions and Decisions:

  • Declare War
  • Prepare for War (only usable when allies are available): Gives you and your allies a specific time period to prepare for war against a specific civilization. Up to 10 turns.
  • Send Ultimatum (only usable when a civilization is at -10 opinion of you or the opposite): Sends an ultimatum to the target civilization. You can then threaten them with X number of troops. A high amount will usually force them in your favor. If it fails, you can declare war. Your list of options are below:
    • Demand they be annexed (this is only possible when the target civilization is a vassal)
    • Demand vassalization
    • Demand a select number of provinces
    • Demand military access
  • Peace Negotiations (when you are in a war)
  • Form Alliance: Form an alliance with the target country. The chance of success depends on the diplomatic relationship between the two civilizations, the diplomatic relationships between targeted civilization with the allies already joined the alliance, and more. This will never work if you are in a war at the moment.
  • Sign Non-Aggression Pact: Sign a pact of non-aggression with the target civilization, that prevents the either of you from declaring war on another for a select amount of turns.
  • Trade Request: Request a trade agreement with the targeted civilization.
  • Form Union: Request a union of the target nation and yours.
  • Improve Relations: Improve the targeted civilization's opinion of you.
  • Send Insult: Insult targeted civilization. This decreases the targeted civilization's liking of you.
  • Offer Vassalization: Offer the targeted civilization to be your vassal (puppet nation).
  • Liberate a Vassal: Allow a vassal to be free.
  • Form Defensive Pact: Request a defensive pact which, if the targeted civilization accepts, they will join in, in the event you or another civilization declares war on one another.
  • Proclaim Independence: As a vassal, proclaim independence.
  • Support Rebels: Support rebel groups in other countries. When enough money is provided, they will, of course, revolt.
  • Ask for/give military access: Request a nation give you military access or give a nation military access. Commonly used during war when two civilizations are split off by one.
  • Send Gift: Send gold to the nation. If enough is provided, they will even Improve Relations with you.
  • Assimilate Provinces: You can use 0.6 diplomatic points to assimilate a province, this will turn the foreign population into yours, also letting you recruit more troops.


  • Using Send Gift only allows the user to send upwards of 1/4 (roughly) their current income, whilst using Trade Requests allows the user to send any sum of money as long as they have it. This creates a minor issue where Send Gift is virtually useless as it can be easily supplemented with Trade Requests; the only benefit gained from Gifts is Improved Relations with a civilization.