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Diseases are a gameplay mechanic in Age of Civilizations 2. Diseases temporarily reduce the Stability and permanent Population of the Provinces they affect. All diseases have a random chance of happening each turn. All except for black death and yellow fever can have a chance of happening throughout the game.

You can reduce disease death/spread by getting better technology.

List of Diseases[]

These Stats were gathered from the Game Code itself

Disease Stats
Disease Name Start Year End Year Minimum Length (Turns) Starting Provinces
Black Death 960 1820 8 6-18
Small pox Any Any 4 6-14
Measles Any Any 6 4-12
Tuberculosis Any Any 8 6-10
Dysentery Any Any 5 2-12
Scurvy Any Any 8 2-6
Cancer Any Any 3 2-8
Plague Any Any 6 5-15
Yellow Fever 5000 BC 1900 4 4-8
Influenza Any Any 4 4-12
Coronavirus 2019 <2019 18 3-12