Age of Civilizations Wiki

The Economy section of Civilizations in Age of History 2 is a feature that the player can manually change for their tactics relating to the population, Technology and economies' of provinces. It has a balance, which is how much treasury you're losing or gaining, determined by Income subtracted by Expenses.

Your Income consists of:

  • Taxation: Tax your people. Income from Taxation can be increased by having a higher population, higher percent of happiness and higher technology points spent in corresponding sections. You can adjust your tax which will affect your civilization's happiness.
  • Production: Economy. Income from Production can be increased by having a higher amount of economic units, higher civilization development, higher technology points spent in corresponding sections and possibly higher population.
  • Vassals: Tax your vassalized (puppeted) civilizations. Income from Vassals can be increased by higher the percent of tax your vassals have to pay to you, doing this will rise Liberty desire and your vassals will eventually Proclaim Independence.

Your Expenses consist of:

  • Administration: Distance from a province to your capital. Administration Expense can be decreased by releasing a vassal or trade away the unwanted land to your allies. The former is more recommended.
  • Military: Military Upkeep price times current armies deployed. Military Expense can be decreased by disbanding some or all troops. (Also can be reduced by letting them assume defensive positions.)
  • Spending: Budget spending.

Budget Spending:

  • Military: Quality of troops.
  • Goods: Production of provinces, increases happiness, must be kept at minimum rate or people will be angry.
  • Research: The increase rate of your civilization's Technology level.
  • Investments: Your civilization's Development and Economy (Industry), must be kept at minimum rate for continued growth.

All these budget spendings have bars which can be manually increased or decreased to a certain percentage.