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Ethiopia, also known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, is a civilization in Age of History II. It appears in 4 scenarios, 3 as it's Monarchist form Abyssinia, and 1 as Ethiopia.



In the 1440 scenario, Abyssinia is a small country with territory in Oromia and Amhara sandwiched between neighboring countries including Adal, Alodia, Medri Bahri, and a few other small civilizations. Its leader is Dawit II (who gives 3% more population growth, 1% less administration and 1% more research), and has the Monarchy ideology. Their capital is Addis Ababa. In this scenario Abyssinia is ranked 61th

Victorian Era[]

It is again shown in the Victorian Era scenario as Abyssinia. The territory is nearly to it's modern day counterpart, except for most of the south regions. Its only neighboring country is Egypt, with most of its land bordered by uncolonized provinces. Its leader is Yohannes III, without an image (Economic Growth +1%), again with the Monarchy ideology, and the capital is now Gondar. In this scenario, it is ranked 32nd.

World War II[]

The final scenario in the base game that includes monarchist Abyssinia is World War II. It has 3 neighboring countries, the predominant being the United Kingdom in Somaliland, Sudan, and East Africa; next is Italy with Somalia and Eritrea, and finally France with Djibouti. It now has the same shape as modern-day Ethiopia, and the leader is Haile Selassie (+2% Population Growth and Research and +1% Income Taxation) without an image again. Its capital is again Addis Ababa and as mentioned, the ideology is Monarchy. In this scenario it is ranked 27th.

Modern World[]

The Modern World scenario includes normal modern-day Democratic Ethiopia led by Haile Selassie and bordered by Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, and Sudan. Its capital is Addis Ababa. Here it is ranked 26th.



As a Monarchy in-game, the country becomes Abyssinia, also known as the Ethiopian Empire. This version of the civilization as mentioned is used for 3 scenarios.


The Communist version of Ethiopia would be the short-lived People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. This isn't used as a preset ideology for any base-game scenarios.