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Future mapper Born 2004 age 16-17 is a inactive member of the aoh2 forums.

Future joined in the early days of the forums with a islamist North Macedonia profile pic, At some point he became a weeb

and changed his prof to a anime girl. Future has not made a single known mod throughout his

entire time on the forums.

The lost rep[]

At somepoint in the history of the forum somebody disliked future's posts so much he got -1897 rep, He has since recovered to -1753 rep.


  • Future has more sockpupptets than any other user
  • Future once had the 3rd most rep before getting -1900 rep
  • Future is a member of every club imaginable
  • Future is Turkish
  • Future's background is a bunch of anime girls
  • Future claims to be 50
  • Future is probably deppresed