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General Info[]

Germany is a country located in Europe in World War II and Modern Day scenarios. If the government type is changed to that of a monarchy, the German Empire will be formed.

During World War II, Germany starts as the 6th strongest nation on the Map. It has an alliance with Italy and an 8 turn Non-aggression Pact with Poland. Germany can form the Weimar Republic and the Greater Germanic Reich. The ruler is Adolf Hitler, who grants +4% Attack Bonus, -2% Defense Bonus, +4% Economy Growth, +4% Research and +5% Movement Points. Its Technology level is 0.57,Its Happiness level is 74%, Stability level is 100%.

In the Modern World, Germany starts as the 8th strongest nation on the Map. Germany can form the Weimar Republic. The ruler is Angela Merkel who grants +1% Economy Growth and +1% Research. Its Technology level is 0.42, Happiness level is 75%, Stability level is 100%.


World War II[]

GER ww2.png

Modern World[]

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