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Technology is a gameplay mechanic of Age of Civilizations 2. One must have a certain technology level to build Buildings or colonise provinces. Each technology level is numbered. The range goes from 0.01, to 2.0.

One must spend money on research in the Economy Interface, or construct building such as library, university, or research lab to increase what is called research progress. What the dpg doin ach 100%, the player’s technology level will increase for 0.01, and one will receive an additional technology point which give one’s advantage on multiple matters. In addition, each level amplifies the amount of money gained and the daily generation of Diplomacy Points.


  • As the level increases, the amount of points required to get to the next technology level increases exponentially.
  • Unlike other spending, it is perfectly fine to reduce the budget of research to zero.
  • The Maximum Development of a Province is limited by the owners technology level